Animal Ownership Insect Retrevial Ethics

You know, I have always been an animal lover, not in the PETA or vegan way, but  I do not want to  harm an animal myself (as in me physically coming into contact with the creature and causing it pain, for those who want to extrapolate on the whole if you eat meat thing). I usually pick up bugs and place them outside my home, spiders are allowed to stay free of charge. I have adopted/rescued all of the animals I have ever owned. I have volunteered at various places… blah blah blah.. and even went so far as when a bird flew into my passenger side door, wrapping it in my silk scarf having my daughter find a boot box and burying in the backyard. WHAT??!! I couldn’t just leave it there… well, yes I could have but my heart said I couldn’t.. my husband said I was insane. Oh well insane but okay to live with myself seems okay to me.

SOOOO, here’s my quandary, our newest addition – a 7 month old calico kitten rescue who is quiet nearly church lady special – absolutely LOVES catching and playing with the moths that summer has brought. The first few times when she discovered them they had flown in on their own accord but wanting to demonstrate the spastic behavior for other members of my family I went outside and caught a few for her to play with and … well eventually eat. Now, the poor dear waits by the door watching out the window towards the porch light, yearning for me to step out and grab her a fluttery fun toy. She even has this sweet little questioning cry when I approach the door as if she is asking for “just one more” <– apply Oliver Twistesque accent.  I know it is not just one, but right now she is my baby and I want her to ba happy.

Now I find myself sneaking out my front door to capture the very bugs I was freeing and delivering them to a much more gruesome fate then perhaps they may have had otherwise.  And don’t you know it as insane as it may be it made my heart feel sad. So very glad I never owned a pet snake the poor thing would starve from my ethical indecision about the fate of the sweet unknowing mice. Roomed with a guy who had a boa and I would actually leave the house for the entire day that he would plan to feed it…. I just couldn’t take it. If I remember its name was Isis and perhaps it represented a more godlike understanding of the “circle of life” but I keep coming back to what my heart tells me…

Going to check for some moths outside, hopefully there are none and I can just use that excuse, and maybe read some more of this book —> Leviathan by Scott Westerfield

Hope to post again tomorrow, or the next day errr something like that … I promise it will be more utter garbage with no point, pinky swear even 😉

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So, although I have considered blogging for a very long time I have never really acted on it. I mean really all I have to talk about is the random crap that my mind spews intermittently. But in this last year I have become even more detached from the “real world” and had to use the internet to substitute for human interaction and even then, people just don’t Well, here they don’t have to care but I get it all out, off my chest (I need to look up the roots of that cliché , maybe body builders made it up haha) and into a place where maybe, jst maybe people will see it. I am a terrible speller (and my punctuation would make any of my English teachers wretch)  but highly articulate which fairs well for live conversation and makes me look like an imbecile in written forums. Drives me crazy, when I was in school they tested me for everything because of this and all they could come up with was a fallout effect of my PTSD. Hell, at least if they gave me a ADHD diagnosis I might have been able to use the Ritalin to get going in the mornings ( I can’t drink coffee, long story another time) or sold it for a better life… lol.. Just joking, just Joking.

   Perhaps I should clarify that nearly everything I say should be considered, at least partially, sardonic.. as my pleas to create a font solely devoted to sarcasm have yet to be responded to. Think of it, the confusion the world wide web would be without! Well, at least in my little realm it would be made better to have the people I speak with be aware of when I have turned on the sarcasm and do not intended to be rude, depraved, unjust or gross but rather I am attempting to be humourous. *sigh* digress

  Well, I have been fighting with a migraine all day and this blaring light of the computer screen seems only to be assisting it in getting stronger so I am going to log off, for now. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be back with a bit more to say.,.. nothing interesting of course just more to say :p

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